Real-time surgery dynamic notification

Electronic Functionalities

Real-time surgery dynamic notification (for the general public): surgery progress


Feng-Ling Chen, Head Nurse, Operating Room
Chien-An Shih, Engineer, Dept. of Information Technology

In 2016, our hospital designed the National Cheng Kung University Hospital e-notification APP to provide a friendly and convenient medical environment for patients. In order to enable the family members of surgery patients to receive surgery-related information at any time, and to decrease the time spent by the medical staff in contacting family members while increasing convenience and accessibility, we created a surgery progress enquiry system. In addition, on September 2022, the operating theater and information technology office proposed for the optimizing of information so that family members waiting for the surgery can obtain the surgery progress and status of the patient. Besides providing operating theater display screens and short mobile phone messages, the operating theater nurse will send information to family members with one click on the surgical nursing information system. This includes :
(1) Real-time transmission of surgery progress after the patient has entered the operating theater.
(2) Condition explanation during the surgery, so that condition explanation information is transmitted from physicians to family members.
(3) End of surgery information that clearly labels the recovery room, ward, or intensive care unit to ease the waiting emotions of family members. A simplified operating procedure is used to optimize surgical nursing information, so as to achieve win-win situation for physicians, nurses, and patients, while meeting the needs of patients and family members.


Figure 1.Surgery nurse information system uses one click to send a message

Figure 2.Automatic short message delivery of surgery progress and status

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