SOS Instant Notification System


Medical Violence Prevention and Control Warning and SOS Instant Notification System


Wang Ting-Chia, Stationed Police Squad

1.Our hospital has created a "vigilant subject watch" system and any of the following patients, family members, or visitors will be included in this list:
    (1) Interfere with medical services by violence, coercion, intimidation, public insult or other means.
    (2) Physically and mentally unstable, and at risk of self-harm or harming others.
2.    After the security team has received the application, the aforementioned "vigilant subject watch" will be included in the "warning notification system". When the subject comes to the hospital for consultation, the system will automatically send messages to the security official mobile phone and computer alarm system. The security team will immediately go onsite to notify the medical staff and pay attention to the behavior of the subject. Video evidence will be recorded so that the persons, events, time, place, and objects at the site are recorded in the warning notification system management and registration log to effectively prevent medical violence from occurring.
3.When there is an early warning or a violent event has occurred, staff can notify the security or police using the following methods:
    (1) Telephone number.
    (2) Panic buttons in the emergency department, psychiatric departments, toilets, and cashiers.
    (3) Police hotline wireless control in the emergency department.
    (4) SOS instant notification system
4.Our hospital has set up the SOS instant notification system, which is installed in the outpatient HIS system, emergency department EIS system, examination system, and "I want to report" website. After pressing the button, a SOS signal is immediately sent to the security official mobile phone and computer alarm system (the receipt method is the same as the warning notification system). After the security team has received the message, it will arrive on scene within 2 minutes.
5.The SOS instant notification system is different from normal reporting methods as it uses a computer system for reporting, has low installation costs, and department application can be immediately added. After pressing the notification button, an alarm will not be sounded at the scene, which will avoid angering the aggressor.


Medical Violence Prevention and Control Warning and SOS Instant Notification System

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